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Preschool Theology Part III: Momma’s Attempt at Indoctrination

On the way to the car dealer to get a new tire: Shayna: God made the whole world, right? Me: Yep, God’s power helped create the world. What made you think of that? Shayna: I don’t know. I just thinking. I didn’t know He could do it all by Hisself. That’s a big job. Me: … Continue reading

Preschool Theology, Part II

Overheard in the bath: my daughter Shayna, the daughter of very ideological Reform Jews, and her cousin Maia, daughter of my brother and sister-in-law, who are Orthodox (the girls are the same age – just a few months apart): Shayna: Maia, guess what?  God lives in my pupik. Maia, very shocked: SHAYNA! THAT’S NOT TZNIUS … Continue reading

Preschool Theology

Shayna: “Mommy, I know where God lives.” Me: “Really?  Where?” Shayna: “In my pupik [belly].” Me: “In your pupik?” Shayna: “Yes, Morah Julie told me God is everywhere and inside all of us.” Me: “Oh.  Does God like it in there?” Shayna: “Yes, I eat very healthy.”