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Kosher, Part III: Real People, Real Food: Dr. Roxanne Sukol

My first “testimonial” for this kashrut (kosher) series is none other than Dr. Roxanne Sukol, physician extraordinaire!  She is board-certified in Internal Medicine, and is an expert on health and wellness in today’s crazy world of fast food and even faster-growing waistlines and blood-sugar levels.  She writes the blog, “Your Health is on Your Plate“, … Continue reading

How We Eat: Sh’mini, Leviticus 9:1−11:47

Rachel Adler begins her d’var Torah on this week’s parasha with this: Just now, American society is reexamining the way it eats. Michael Pollan, in his best-selling book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manefesto , advises distinguishing between food and some of the poor imitations for food that we currently ingest (New York: Penguin … Continue reading