The Power of Words – Good and Bad.

Words have power.  We all know this.  Judaism has very specific things to say about how we use words, especially negative words. Durning this time of the Omer and Sefirot, a period dedicated to introspection and self-improvement, I thought this was appropriate to post.  I found this blog post  that Ruchi from Out of the Ortho … Continue reading

Upcoming Posts in the Next 2 Months

Wanted to share a list of my current drafts, guest posts I have lined up, and what I hope to post in the next 2 months (in no particular order).  This will give all my readers a sense of the direction I am taking.  My goal is education, and understanding between Jews of all stripes … Continue reading

Passover Cleaning Cartoon . . . *sigh*

Oh, har har.  Look at that!  Get it?  Get it? What bothers me about this is that it, rather accurately, represents the insecurity and lack of authenticity many Reform Jews feel about themselves and their place on the Jewish spectrum.  Say I’m taking this too far, go ahead, but I can’t tell you how many … Continue reading


The horror in France is heartbreaking.  Here is a letter from the widow/mother of the slain rabbi and children.  Please pick at least one mitzvah to perform in their memory.

Blessing for Bacon? So, Yeah, That Happened.

Teaching Hebrew school is always an adventure . . . you just never know what will happen on any given afternoon.  The kids are absolutely adorable – sweet, good children who probably really don’t want to be in Hebrew school on a Tuesday afternoon after a long day of school.  That said, most of them … Continue reading

The Devil Wears Prada

Watched “The Devil Wears Prada” last night.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  Of course, Meryl Streep could read the phone book and I would probably enjoy it.  Mama Mia notwithstanding. “Phone book.” I just totally dated myself. Speaking of, I am cleaning out my office in preparation for putting our house … Continue reading