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A Window Into My World, or How Jimi Hendrix Brings Us All Together

*This happened a number of years ago, and I’m writing about it now because, well, I finally got around to it.  I thought I would share a little bit of the Rebbetzin side of things – my thoughts when we socialize in conjunction with members of our temple.  It’s something people ask me about a … Continue reading

What is Up With Mr. EK – an Explanation

My original blog, lo those many years ago (2005??? Good GOD I’ve been blabbering that long?), was titled “Ezer K’negdo” and I wrote anonymously under that pseudonym. Why did I choose “Ezer K’negdo” as my blog-o-nym? So many reasons. My initial fake name was “Toaster Queen” but the blog had not been up for 48 … Continue reading