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The horror in France is heartbreaking.  Here is a letter from the widow/mother of the slain rabbi and children.  Please pick at least one mitzvah to perform in their memory.

A Beautiful Thing to Start Your Shabbat

I’m reposting this because it’s awesome, and I ran out of time to write an original post. It’s a 60 Minutes segment on the company Malden Mills, who developed the fabric Polartec.  It’s owned and operated by Aaron Feuerstein.  The interview with him about the fire that ravaged their factory, and their ultimate bankrupcy filing, … Continue reading

The Human Spirit

. . . is an amazing thing. One of the most important mitzvahs my husband performs is being present as someone is moving from this life into the next. He witnesses something extraordinary as he helps the person with vidui or says it for them. One of the things I find the most remarkable is … Continue reading