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A Beautiful Thing to Start Your Shabbat

I’m reposting this because it’s awesome, and I ran out of time to write an original post. It’s a 60 Minutes segment on the company Malden Mills, who developed the fabric Polartec.  It’s owned and operated by Aaron Feuerstein.  The interview with him about the fire that ravaged their factory, and their ultimate bankrupcy filing, … Continue reading


Cross posted with slight modifications at Out of the Ortho Box – thanks for the opportunity Ruchi! My Rebbetzin-comrade-in-arms Ruchi wrote this post last week.  In it she describes some Jews who say, ” Why do I need to worry about all these commandments?  I’ll just be a good person and not bother others.  I … Continue reading

Out Loud and Proud

I’ve decided to obnoxiously co-opt the phrase “Out, Loud and Proud” to describe how I’m currently feeling about the Jewish denomination with which I’ve consciously chosen to affiliate. I’m proud of the strides our movement has made in the last decade to look back at our history and learn from it, and move forward.  I’m … Continue reading

Amy Meltzer Rocks

. . . and not just because she wrote lovely things about me.  She is an amazing mom, educator, blogger and one serious Jew.  She was kind enough to say that she considers me her “blogging Bubbe” and I am honored to carry that title.  I have learned so much from Amy and I know … Continue reading

9th of Av Freak-Out

Most observant Jews fast on the 9th of Av (see here for more info).  I do not fast; we do mark the 9th of Av in our own way as a family.  For myself, however, Tisha b’Av (next Thursday) is usually marked by me looking at the calendar and freaking out that I have only … Continue reading

NFL Chassid: a mid-game conversion

Haha.  I have no idea if I used that sports term correctly; it just sounded good in relation to the following video about an NFL star who won a superbowl with the Green Bay Packers and is now Orthodox.

Color Me Surprised (not)

Wow, I’m shocked, just shocked, that R. Norman Lamm is saying kaddish for Reform and Conservative Judaism.  He was such a supporter to begin with.