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Kosher, Part III: Real People, Real Food: Rabbi Joel Mosbacher

Joel has served as the rabbi of Beth Haverim Shir Shalom in Mahwah, New Jersey, since 2001. He is the husband of Elyssa and the Abba to Ari and Lev.  Joel and his family have taken on issues of the environment, food, and sustainability in the most serious manner, and in the context of their … Continue reading

How We Eat

Going through old posts, and I found this one from a couple of years ago.  Timely! Rachel Adler begins her d’var Torah on this week’s parasha with this: Just now, American society is reexamining the way it eats. Michael Pollan, in his best-selling book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manefesto , advises distinguishing between … Continue reading

Let the Cooking Madness Begin

Out comes the big soup pot, a gazillion foil pans in different sizes, a Costco-sized container of potato flour, a new mop and sponges and a huge bucket, and Cranky Momma appears.  MUST be time to clean and cook for Pesach! I have found that an excellent method for reducing stress while cooking for the … Continue reading

Love in a Baking Dish

I am partial to Mr. Michael Ruhlman, as he is a native Clevelander and has chosen to *GASP* raise his family here, even though with his credentials he could live in any major food city of his choice and be very successful.  He is a fantastic cook, food writer and all-around food-and-fun loving guy (or … Continue reading

Mmmmmmm. Shabbes on Wednesday.

Let me just say there is nothing, I mean NOTHING like swiping the bottom of the chicken pan with some gorgeous crispy bits of garlic, potatoes and onions.  Last meal on earth?  Not the chicken itself, just give me the cooking pan and some crispy roasted potatoes, onions and garlic.