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Orthodox Week Here at TRR: Rebbetzin Ruchi Koval

Our closer for Orthodox week is Rebbetzin Ruchi Koval, who, together with her husband Rabbi Sruly Koval, serves the awesome JFX community here in CLE.  Rebbetzin Koval, amongst her many other teaching and JFX responsibilities, is the author of Out of the Ortho Box, a blog whose mission is to “unite us through education, respect, … Continue reading

I don’t HAVE to do that . . . I’m REFORMED

Ok, let’s clear the air: A) “REFORMED” is an adjective.  “REFORM” is a verb or a noun. Definition of REFORMED: 1: amended by the removal of faults or abuses. as in, “Criminals and drug addicts can be reformed.” 2: (initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to Protestant churches, especially Calvinist as distinguished from Lutheran. as … Continue reading

shhhh . . . I’m religious . . .

What’s that now?  You say Reform Jews are not Orthodox?  That’s true . . . I didn’t say Orthodox.  I said “religious“. Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.[1] Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories … Continue reading

A Beautiful Thing to Start Your Shabbat

I’m reposting this because it’s awesome, and I ran out of time to write an original post. It’s a 60 Minutes segment on the company Malden Mills, who developed the fabric Polartec.  It’s owned and operated by Aaron Feuerstein.  The interview with him about the fire that ravaged their factory, and their ultimate bankrupcy filing, … Continue reading


Cross posted with slight modifications at Out of the Ortho Box – thanks for the opportunity Ruchi! My Rebbetzin-comrade-in-arms Ruchi wrote this post last week.  In it she describes some Jews who say, ” Why do I need to worry about all these commandments?  I’ll just be a good person and not bother others.  I … Continue reading

Chag Urim Same’ach!

A friend posted this comment on this blog post.  I think it’s a lovely sentiment to remember that this is a holiday the almost all Jews around the world celebrate, whatever their affiliation or lack of affiliation, beliefs or lack of beliefs, religious or secular.  For this week, let’s put aside our differences and stop … Continue reading

Thoughts During the 9 Days

I saved this quote from my friend, Ruchi Koval, who posted this as her FB status a while ago, and thought it was appropriate during this time.  Oh and by the way, Ruchi, meet Melissa and Jessica, and M&J meet Ruchi.  Check out each other’s blogs – I have a feeling you’ll like each other … Continue reading