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Gifts for the Jew Who Has Everything

First of all, I am FINALLY, sort of, recovering from the havoc that was the chagim.  Ack. Gotta love CafePress.  Found these a while ago, and just posting now because, well, I’ve been “on a break” [gratuitous ‘Friends’ reference.]  I posted this a long time ago on an old blog, and thought I’d resurrect this … Continue reading

Truly Highbrow Shabbes Table Conversation

Sometimes here at Casa Caruso we like to play a little game we call “Random Torah Triva” where Josh comes up with whatever pops into his head to ask the kids.  Here’s how our very shabbesdik triva went last night: ABBA: “Ok, who was Moshe’s father in law?” KIDS: Silent Stares. ME: “Oh, COME ON.  … Continue reading

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Our local JCC put on a production of Willy Wonka this weekend.  My son Lev earned the role of Charlie – what a fun role – and my son Asher was a “techie” who moved sets around and also got to be the puppeteer for the squirrel in the factory scene with Veruca Salt.  The … Continue reading

Snow Day, Part Deux

Second snow day – not really sure why, oh, I don’t know, wind chills below zero????  Everyone has friends over so I can get some work done.  Yeah. Overheard: “OOOO Momma made Macky Wac!” “Shayna that’s WACKY MAC” “Ok, whatever, MAC AND CHEESE AND YOU KNOW WE NEVER GET THAT IT COMES OUT OF A … Continue reading

Snow Day!!! WOOT!

The entire city of Cleveland is shut down – major Lake Effect Snow Storm.  It’s such a nice treat!  Even our shul is closed, so the entire family is still in PJ’s at 9:04am.  The kitties are curled up on the bed, the dog is having a blast digging tunnels outside in the back yard, … Continue reading

What’s New in the EK House

So we’ve made some additions since the last time I was here :-) There’s this, courtesy of the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Then there are these ladies, who we’re fostering and who were supposed to go home with someone else on Thursday, but those lovely folks never showed up.  We have another family coming tomorrow … Continue reading

The (ich)Theology of Purim

It was Purim – we knew this was coming: We certainly knew this was coming: Did NOT see this coming: From left to right: Charles, Nemo and . . . Pueblo Bernard Jose.  Alrighty then.

Mmmmmmm. Shabbes on Wednesday.

Let me just say there is nothing, I mean NOTHING like swiping the bottom of the chicken pan with some gorgeous crispy bits of garlic, potatoes and onions.  Last meal on earth?  Not the chicken itself, just give me the cooking pan and some crispy roasted potatoes, onions and garlic.