The Power of Words – Good and Bad.

Words have power.  We all know this.  Judaism has very specific things to say about how we use words, especially negative words. Durning this time of the Omer and Sefirot, a period dedicated to introspection and self-improvement, I thought this was appropriate to post.  I found this blog post  that Ruchi from Out of the Ortho Box posted on her FB wall very moving.  Here is an excerpt:

Not long ago, a co-worker blurted,  “You should hear what Lucy said about you when we were friends.” My response? “You know what? Please don’t tell me. I’ve been down that road, and nothing good can come of it.” I know she was not only taken aback, but also disappointed. She tried to tell me repeatedly, and I continually turned her down.

I get it. It’s like picking a scab.

But I don’t need any more scars.

Don’t get me wrong. I like sarcasm, juicy gossip and all Perez Hilton has to offer, but I never, ever want to make others feel the way I once did.

For the last twelve years, I have avoided seeking negative opinions, and have done my very best to refrain from spreading others’ harsh words**.

Positivity is a powerful thing, and as strongly as I believe in keeping negative words to myself, so strongly do I believe in spreading upbeat ones.

I think it’s working, because my family’s doing really well in the compliments department lately.

And by the way, you are looking so hot right now! Is that a new shirt?

Read the whole post here.

15 thoughts on “The Power of Words – Good and Bad.

  1. Thank you for quoting Ruchi, whom I have heard of from Rivki Silver. That quote came from my blog, from my guest blogger Julie Davidoski. In case anyone cares to follow her, her blog is called Go Guilty Pleasures. It sounds naughty, but it’s not. ;-)

  2. Hi :) So other than the fact that everyone looks simply smashing today (‘cept me) I wanna say that I discovered Renee on Nina Badzin’s blog and fell in love with her writing (of which I’m a teeny bit of a wannabe). Rivki Silver is a personal friend of mine and she rocks – how do you know her? And yes, I discovered Julie’s piece via Renee AND since I had just completed a week of focusing on the trait of Restraint (in the context of the 49 Omer days between Passover and Shavuot in which there’s a 49-day program of spiritual self-improvement), it truly spoke to me. So in other words, all of us ladies are interconnected and are helping one another learn and grow :)
    Thanks Leah for picking up on the post.

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