A Beautiful Thing to Start Your Shabbat

I’m reposting this because it’s awesome, and I ran out of time to write an original post.

It’s a 60 Minutes segment on the company Malden Mills, who developed the fabric Polartec.  It’s owned and operated by Aaron Feuerstein.  The interview with him about the fire that ravaged their factory, and their ultimate bankrupcy filing, is a lesson in true Torah values.  The segment starts with a spot about the horror that was Enron and the deceit they engaged in that ruined the lives of hundreds of their employees.  It concludes with Morley Safer asking Mr. Feuerstein what role his faith and religion played in his decision to “do the moral thing.”  Mr. Feuerstein’s answer is a true inspiration.

Hat Tip: ImaBima

Get out the Kleenex.

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