Working on Rosh HaShanah – or any holiday – Interesting viewpoint

I read a whole bunch of blogs, and I really like the way Penelope Trunk writes.  She’s straightforward and refreshingly honest.  Read this post she wrote about trying not to work on Rosh Hashanah – I guarantee it will give you something to think about.  It’s not my cup of tea, but I’d love to hear what you think . . . Here’s a quote:

All this to say: you don’t need the Jewish holidays in order to learn something about yourself. Force yourself to isolate for a day. Don’t allow yourself to do all the usual things. You will learn something about yourself. It’s impossible not to.

One thought on “Working on Rosh HaShanah – or any holiday – Interesting viewpoint

  1. Interesting point. I definitely agree that taking oneself out of normal routine, isolating oneself, so to speak, in a different time, place, setting, etc., will most likely lead to some level of self-discovery. Unless a person is bent on *not* paying attention.

    We just went on vacation, and I was away from the internet (gasp!) for three whole days. It was great, and I learned a bit about how productive I can be when out of my unproductive routine. Amazing.

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