Gifts for the Jew Who Has Everything

First of all, I am FINALLY, sort of, recovering from the havoc that was the chagim.  Ack.

Gotta love CafePress.  Found these a while ago, and just posting now because, well, I’ve been “on a break” [gratuitous ‘Friends’ reference.]  I posted this a long time ago on an old blog, and thought I’d resurrect this because I’m Hanukkah shopping early this year.

What to wear for Purim:

The shirt my husband thinks I should get:

The shirt I should have worn when we lived in Monsey:

Gotta love this one (although for Ima and FrumeSarah it can switch it to “My Mom Knows More Talmud Than Your Mom”):

What Mr. EK is getting for Hanukkah:

Random Hilarious Shirt:

(This is a play on “Dolce & Gabbana,” a couple of Italian designers who make very trendy [expensive] clothing.  I just thought this was hilarious.)

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