Thoughts During the 9 Days

I saved this quote from my friend, Ruchi Koval, who posted this as her FB status a while ago, and thought it was appropriate during this time.  Oh and by the way, Ruchi, meet Melissa and Jessica, and M&J meet Ruchi.  Check out each other’s blogs – I have a feeling you’ll like each other :-)

While I do not ‘mourn’ in the traditional way, I often reflect on how I can be a better person and work on my middos during this time.  This quote spoke to me.

“Every now and then, try to do a mitzvah that no one knows about except you and God.  God has many ways of bringing about respect – you don’t need to tell others about it.  They will find themselves respecting you without knowing why. (From a class by Mrs. Miriam Barkin.)”

2 thoughts on “Thoughts During the 9 Days

  1. I remember that status! It really is an amazing feeling, to do something and not tell anyone. I find it difficult to do, but it’s worth it. Also, in this day and age, where privacy is becoming more and more rare (not just talking SM here, but even in conversation between “live” people), it’s nice to reclaim a little of that feeling of privacy.

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