The Four Sons . . . of “Glee”????

From the Forward – food for thought!

One seder tradition we have is for karpas, we put out a bazillion different kinds of karpas with different dips to nosh on while we forge ahead with the seder.  Usually alleviates ‘cranky-child-syndrome’ that is common to many seders :-)

What are YOUR seder traditions?


One thought on “The Four Sons . . . of “Glee”????

  1. We don’t have any traditions exclusive to our little family unit just yet since we’ve spent every seder so far (that’d be four) with my in-laws (which is good). So our experiences have been listening to the Haggadah in Russian, and quickly (since Grandpa, a”h and Grandma have diabetes and need to eat), with much of the actual discussion done at and after the meal. There is much giggling and commenting about the bad Russian translation in the haggadas, and general happiness mixed with hunger. It’s very nice.

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