Let the Cooking Madness Begin

Out comes the big soup pot, a gazillion foil pans in different sizes, a Costco-sized container of potato flour, a new mop and sponges and a huge bucket, and Cranky Momma appears.  MUST be time to clean and cook for Pesach!

I have found that an excellent method for reducing stress while cooking for the holidays is to make sure that the cooking wine is up to acceptable drinking standards, and continuously monitoring its quality :-)


One thought on “Let the Cooking Madness Begin

  1. Wow, I’m seriously behind. I looked in my fridge last night and closed the door again quickly so the mess wouldn’t escape. Haven’t even started menu planning yet, aside from buying a giant bundle of matzah boxes.

    On the other hand, our parsley grew all winter, so I can just walk out to the garden for that part of the preparation!

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