After This Weekend, How Can I NOT Post?

A weekend filled with loss and sadness.

The Jewish people have lost one of their bright lights, Debbie Friedman, zichronah livracha.  So many were profoundly influenced by her music and her neshamah.  She leaves us a beautiful yerushah (inheritance), and in my opinion is single-handedly responsible for making prayer meaningful again to many Jews who had otherwise left this part of our faith.  Here is a “behind the music” video of Debbie.  Please watch, especially if you are unfamiliar with her contributions.

Unspeakable madness in Arizona.  I find it disgusting that THIS is what it takes to get people to finally start talking about the damaging effects of violent rhetoric (on all sides, people, on all sides).  I also find frustrating the rush to blame someone, anyone, anything for senseless violence.  Senseless violence is just that: SENSELESS.  Yes, we need to reign in angry, vitriolic commentary.  Yes, it should be more difficult for the mentally ill and people who have criminal records to acquire firearms.  Yes, of course we should be providing better social services for the mentally ill.  None of these things taken on their own, however, are to blame.  It is a confluence of all of these . . . and none of these.  Sometimes sh#*t just happens.  Really.

One thought on “After This Weekend, How Can I NOT Post?

  1. Agree… I still can’t get over that Debbie Friedman is gone…. Much too young. And singing At services is going to cause me to be a little teary-eyed, I’m sure, for a long while.

    Crazy people with guns– always scary.

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