Truly Highbrow Shabbes Table Conversation

Sometimes here at Casa Caruso we like to play a little game we call “Random Torah Triva” where Josh comes up with whatever pops into his head to ask the kids.  Here’s how our very shabbesdik triva went last night:

ABBA: “Ok, who was Moshe’s father in law?”

KIDS: Silent Stares.

ME: “Oh, COME ON.  7+ years of day school education?????”

ASHER: “Some Midianite guy?”


ABBA: “Where did Moshe and Tzipporah meet?”

ASHER: “Up your butt.”

—hysterical laughter ensues—

LEV: “By a well.  All the great love stories in the Torah happened at a well.”

ME: “Aw, that’s very sweet!”

LEV: “Yep, I’m pretty sweet.”

ASHER: “Yeah, but I’m AWESOME.”


ABBA: “Where did the story of Yonah take place?”

ASHER: “In the water?”

LEV: “WAIT I know this . . . wait . . . wait . . .”

SHAYNA: “Up the whale’s butt!”


Dinner is not recoverable.  Good night.

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