Snow Day!!! WOOT!

The entire city of Cleveland is shut down – major Lake Effect Snow Storm.  It’s such a nice treat!  Even our shul is closed, so the entire family is still in PJ’s at 9:04am.  The kitties are curled up on the bed, the dog is having a blast digging tunnels outside in the back yard, our veteran cat, Jack, is sulking on the couch downstairs (he’s less than thrilled about all the new animals.  he’s pissy about it.), and the kids are still camped out in their beds reading.

Bliss :-)

Anyone bringing me hot chocolate???


It is now 8:20pm, and we’ve had a relaxing day!  Neighborhood came over to watch a movie, eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, the dog got in a HUGE walk and spent the rest of the afternoon passed out, I napped from taking the dog out on that huge walk, and Mr. EK got to have dinner with us.  A good day!

Nothing says "snow-day" like waking up from a nap with cats on your head.

7 thoughts on “Snow Day!!! WOOT!

  1. You know that WordPress has that whole “make your website snow” effect, right?

    I mean, it’s giving you such jollies.

    And cats in your hair is way easier to deal with than silly putty. Which is what my kids put in THEIR hair today.

    Good times. Good times.

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