What’s New in the EK House

So we’ve made some additions since the last time I was here :-)

There’s this, courtesy of the Cleveland Animal Protective League.


Jenny From the Block

Then there are these ladies, who we’re fostering and who were supposed to go home with someone else on Thursday, but those lovely folks never showed up.  We have another family coming tomorrow who give me the impression they’ll make a good home for the kitties.  No real names, although I’ve taken to calling them Cagney and Lacy, Laverne and Shirley, homegirls, and pretty much anything else that makes the kids laugh :-)

kitty cats

The Kitties

josh and kitty

Cagney helping Joshua send some emails.

So, you know, that’s about what’s new here.  Some new synagogue updates, but I’ll post that later – gotta go make dinner for 10 people (more on that also later!)










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