Chesed Defined: the Roncalli Girls’ Softball Team

This is why I love Rick Reilly.  He looks for these stories and brings them to the forefront.  THESE are the important stories in sports.  Not A-freaking-Rod’s latest girlfriend or bad behavior on the part of, oh, I don’t know, pick someone – there’s plenty to choose from.

This was the first softball game in Marshall history. A middle school trying to move up to include grades 6 through 12, Marshall showed up to the game with five balls, two bats, no helmets, no sliding pads, no cleats, 16 players who’d never played before, and a coach who’d never even seen a game.

One Marshall player asked, “Which one is first base?” Another: “How do I hold this bat?” They didn’t know where to stand in the batter’s box. Their coaches had to be shown where the first- and third-base coaching boxes were.

That’s when Roncalli did something crazy. It offered to forfeit.

Go read the whole article.  Then make your kids, your kids’ coaches, teachers and pretty much everyone read it.

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