Love in a Baking Dish

I am partial to Mr. Michael Ruhlman, as he is a native Clevelander and has chosen to *GASP* raise his family here, even though with his credentials he could live in any major food city of his choice and be very successful.  He is a fantastic cook, food writer and all-around food-and-fun loving guy (or so he appears – I’ve never met him, although I own half his books).  Not only does his latest post contain an “OH-Mah-GAWD” inducing recipe, but his message is spot-on.  Real food. Love. Family.  It’s pretty much the only recipe you need.

Clearly, this is NOT a recipe you can make verbatim if you observe Kashrut.  Here are my suggestions for attempting to retain both the integrity of the dish and adherence to Kashrut.  With apologies to Mr. Ruhlman :-)

  • Omit the cheese.
  • Omit the meat.
  • If you absolutely need the mouth feel of ground beef, use a textured vegetarian protein, such as YVES brand ‘Ground Round’.  Otherwise, make an attempt to stay away from fake meat.
  • Please, for the Love of God and all things Just and Good, Do Not. Use. Fake. Cheese.  You don’t need the meat that much.  Really, you don’t.

B’tayavon – Good Eats!

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