Sabbath Moments

It is getting dark, and snow is falling heavily outside; you can hardly see the other side of the street.  The house is clean (mostly), the table is set with our wedding china, and the kitchen is perfumed with chicken soup and challah.  The kids have done all their chores, the candles are in the candle sticks and even the cat has spent the better part of the last hour giving himself a once-over.

The TV is off, all the computers are shut down (as soon as I finish this post :-)), and cell phones, radios and iPods are off for the next 25 hours.

Mr. EK will be home in a minute and I will light the Shabbat candles and say the bracha, we will bless our children and each other, make kiddush over wine to sanctify this moment in time . . . and for at least a short while there is quiet and light and peace and all is right and good.

Wishing you (Jewish or not) a light-filled and peaceful Sabbath (whichever day yours is on).

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