How is that in 2009 we have people who believe the president of the United States is transmitting a “socialist propaganda” message to our children by telling them to stay in school?  This is unbelievable to me.

I did not agree with President Bush 75% of the time, I did not vote for him, his faith-based political agenda scared me and I thought his choices concerning the middle east were wrong.  But you’d better believe every damn time he spoke on TV my kids were right there watching it with me.  He was the PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY!  Agree or disagree it is every American’s job to respect the highest office in the land even if you can’t stand the person holding that position. Like it or not, he is an official elected by the people.  And clearly the people wanted George W. Bush.  And now the people have elected Barak H. Obama.  Whether or not a president’s policy positions make you want to barf (or possibly head to Canada), a majority elected him to be not only the Commander in Chief but the Citizen in Chief.  No one got to be president by sitting on their ass watching “Wipeout” and chugging some beers.  They all worked hard to get to where they got, and I have to believe ALL of them want our country to flourish and grow.  The office is deserving of our respect, and the office-holder as well (until his moral failings prove otherwise – see Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton etc.).

It is my job to impart my values to my kids, and ‘shielding’ them from people with whom I disagree is not only counterproductive, it is un-American.  Public discourse is at the heart of our culture as a free people.  How will my kids know how to articulate what they believe if we don’t give them to tools to do so?


2 thoughts on “WTF????!!!!

  1. While this is all very frustrating to us right now, I take comfort in the fact that we will all look back on this as the time when some very ignorant (but unfortunately also very loud) folks ranted and raved about Obama’s “socialism” and “indoctrination” because that’s the current fashionable/socially acceptable way of saying any of the following:

    1. “Geez, I’m really angry that we have a liberal/black/etc president.
    2. “I don’t understand health care reform, and TV/radio pundits have scared me out of even wanting to know.”
    3. “Shouting and arguing is way easier than engaging in open, productive conversation with people I don’t understand.”

    … I think the best thing we can do for any of our kids is to encourage us to ask us questions, and answer them honestly. Demonstrate productive dialogue, and they learn it from you!

  2. As a citizen of Soviet Canukastan, I will tell you that the soundbites Canadian talk radio is playing of some Conservative Right Wingers from US call in shows is, to be honest, pretty frickin hysterical.

    I read the speech, and my kids will be watching in on YouTube or via because what President Obama said is valuable, relevant and important.

    I seriously don’t get what all the furor is about? WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF PEOPLE?

    Even if I hated the guy, I’d let me kids watch, if for nothing more than to show them the “enemy.” lol

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